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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Grey and Argyle

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jacket, Sweater, Tights, Target; Skirt, unknown and quite old; Boots, Newport News (now Spiegel); Bag, Francesca's; Necklace, old and unknown; Ring, Fossil
Nail Color: Fast Dry Nail Color in "Ebony Hates Chris" by wet n wild
Today's Weather: High 62º, Low 36ºF. Damn chilly, breezy, and unpleasantly cloudy

I really don't know what I was thinking when I got dressed today other than I really wanted to wear this argyle sweater since the colors are so fun. I've worn it before and I really played up the pink and orange but today I wasn't feeling so punchy. I felt like a librarian dipped in attitude what with the lace up boots and heavy zippered bag. Fighting off the wind kind of ruined my bad-ass nerd look a tad because my French twist wasn't having any of it.

I'm working on a posting schedule so that things around here can be a bit more regular. I might be unreasonably excited, but liking what you do was never considered a bad thing; at least I don't think.

Until next time,

claire lynette 

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