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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012 to You!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tunic, thrifted with Shirley of Hollywood tag; Sweater, Zenana; Leggings, made by a friend; Boots, Jeffrey Campbell "A-plus" ; Necklace, unknown; Ring, Target
Weather: High, 59; Low 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Breezy with lots of sun.

Happy New Year!!!

I hope 2012 came around in a good way for you. I'm embracing this new year with open arms and am filled with excitement that it's finally here. You know, I never really caught that Christmas spirit like I wanted to, but I'm satisfied with having the distinct anything can happen feeling that a new year tends to bring with it. Really, what is out there that can stop me from achieving anything I want to? So best wishes of a wonderful year to you and that all of the dreams you ever hoped to pursue begin to make themselves real this year.

In other news, today was an especially breezy day and I've had lots of errands to run. Even so I wore heels and enjoyed every minute of it. I wore my plaid jacket and carried my giant bucket bag with me that you've seen before. Those items are pretty much staples in my winter wardrobe and I figured you didn't need to see them yet again.

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