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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Daily Bum

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sweater, Mossimo at Target; Skirt, made by yours truly.
Today's Weather: Doesn't much matter if you don't go outside does it? It was a sunny day with the high 61 degrees and the low 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

I'd be a liar if I said I was a total bum today because I so wasn't (drafted patterns, sewed, finally took down the Christmas decorations, and did loads of laundry) but I didn't leave the house save to get the mail. So I was bumming it today in my favorite sweater and topknot bun with no one to impress but me and the cat.

Fueled by the anything can happen energy that a New Year tends to bring, I've been spending the last two days drafting an elaborate yet what I think is a feasible plan for my projects this month. Plus, I'm going to share every little goody (and failure) with you! My tendency to start and never finish something isn't unique to me I know, but I still feel like a failure whenever I look at a drawer full of "almost-dones". It's an insult to my talent and to the thing I'm trying to create. Making a schedule is the first step; sticking to it is the hard part.

Having a plan for each day is kind of refreshing for a person who tends to work on whims; that person being me. I'm looking forward to my projects instead of running around like a crazy person thinking of all the steps and things I need to finish it. When it's all laid out agenda style it seems easy. Just taking it day by day.

All for now,
claire lynette

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