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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Strawberries? Yes!

Saturday, April 14, 2012



lips stained red from my first snow ball of the season

Tunic Dress, Morgan and Co., Ross Stores; Belt, taken from a skirt I no longer own; Sandals, Guess; Bag, Farmer's Market in New Orleans; Necklace, thrifted; Earrings, Forever21
Today's Weather: High 85; Low 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunny, clear, and bright.

I had to keep it easy today since Louisiana heat doesn't play nice and I was going to be out in it a good part of the day. An airy sundress, hair braided up and off my shoulders, and scads and scads of sunscreen was all I was willing to deal with. A simple bag to keep things easy and my hands free and I was set. That bracelet you see is a UV bracelet meant to warn me when I need to reapply sunscreen or need to get out of the sun. I haven't quite made my mind up about it yet.

Y'all, today I had so much fun. I guess I've just been really lucky to have two wonderful days in a row. But how could I not have a wonderful day going to a festival that celebrates my favorite fruit-non-fruit of all time? I had never been to the annual Louisiana Strawberry Festival in Ponchatoula, LA  before and I'm so glad I finally went. There were plenty of strawberry type things to be had: strawberry daiquiris, strawberry shortcakes, strawberry funnel cakes, strawberry lemonade, strawberry wine, strawberry soda, chocolate covered strawberries, fried strawberries...yes I said fried. As far as I know if it's a food we'll find a way to fry it here in the South. There were also rides, bands playing, carnival games, and of course local farmers selling that lovely little fruit. I bought up a pint of some delicious looking strawberries from that flat of them you see pictured at the top. Get a little taste of the festival after the jump!

Other than that, all for now,

claire lynette

I didn't eat any of this. Too heavy for a hot day I think, but this is just a taste of what was out there.

I tasted a little old fashioned strawberry soda which was very, very good indeed

I rode rides! Well one ride really because I have an irrational fear of things going horribly, horribly wrong on those things. That's me and a friend in the middle of the photo.

 I bought a little strawberry bread...

  ...and a little strawberry jam to go with it!

me being very hot and ready to go standing in front of the old fashioned soda fountain.

Just a really great day.

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