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Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Early Vet's Day

Friday, November 9, 2012




little Crispin helping out with the photos

Jacket, "Battalion Jacket" BB Dakota; Sweater, Mossimo at Target; Skirt with belt, Hot & Delicious,; Heels, "Channing Pump" by Dani Black; Handbag, Charming Charlie; Sunglasses, Steve Madden; Necklace, Versona; Bracelet, gift from Mama; Headband; Rite Aid.
Today's Weather: High, 75ºF; Low 54ºF. Breezy and sunny.

I won't be able to celebrate Veteran's Day with the rest of the country when it rolls around on Monday so I figured why not show a little bit of love today by wearing a military inspired ensemble! I've had this jacket for two years or so and have never worn it. I couldn't tell you why I haven't really other than I was following my own self-imposed fashion rules and just knew I had nothing to wear with it in my closet. That and, believe it or not, I was a little shy about wearing it. Yet, I loved the jacket and held on to it. Nowadays I don't understand my hesitation because it's such a great little jacket and is more versatile than I first believed.

I wasn't sure about the leopard print shoes with this, but it's the only neutral type pump I have that isn't black (yes, I really consider leopard print in small doses neutral. It's also the second time I've worn these shoes and I've had them for a while too...noticing a trend here.) Somehow I think it works, but I'm not 100% sold on it. If I had a leopard print belt instead of the yellow one that came with the skirt maybe it would have been more cohesive...or maybe it'd have been too much? Still not sure. Either way the spirit of the reason behind the outfit is what is most important right?!

Don't forget to thank those wonderful veterans in your life and remember the ones that have passed on. Wishing a lovely weekend to you all!

claire lynette 

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