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Monday, November 11, 2013

New Project on the Horizon

Monday, November 11, 2013

Over the weekend a dear friend called me with a fashion emergency. This emergency wasn't like any other though as it had to do with what she was going to wear for her wedding day so I was more excited to help than I usually am (and I'm usually pretty damn excited anytime someone thinks to ask me my opinion). She's having a winter wedding which is in just over a month and has everything set: the dress, the bouquet, the hair, etc... except for something to keep her warm. She realized she wanted a shawl/shrug/bolero of some sort to wear that would be elegant and go well with her gown. So she went searching for one thinking it'd be an easy fix and was met with a lot of disappointment: the wrong color, the wrong size, or if ordered it'd arrive too late to be useful. In a moment of either great genius or desperation she called me and asked if I could make one for her. Ordinarily when people ask or allude to me making them something my answer is "no". Point blank and period. I find little satisfaction in sewing for other people because usually the effort it takes to create it goes under-appreciated and/or it's a headache making something to someone's ever changing specifications. Not fit issues mind you but suddenly changing the color or top stitching of a thing. This time my answer was different. I gave her a resolute, "Yes, absolutely!" because

      1.)I've been wanting to do something for her for her wedding but didn't know what

      2.) She has impeccable taste and knows exactly what she wants so in the 11th hour she won't suddenly change her mind about color or design details;

      3.)She would appreciate it so much (it's for her wedding for crying out loud!) and knowing that would keep me at ease while I put it together and inspire me to put forth my very best through the end.

Most likely what we come up with won't be an original design. I don't have the time really and I wouldn't want to give her anything that was half-cocked. But there are lots of lovely patterns out there that I'm sure I can adapt to make what she's thinking of come true. I'll be chronicling the progress of its creation here. Right now I'm waiting on pictures from her to get an idea of what she's looking for and searching the internet for inspiration. To the left are photos I've found so far that set the mood for where I think this project will go. I'm so excited and I hope that I'll be able to take away one less thing for her to stress about leading up to her big day.

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Until next time,

claire lynette

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