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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wedding Bolero Update

Friday, February 21, 2014
A little update... Yet another post that has been wasting away in my drafts folder.

The bolero was finished with time to spare before the wedding. The bride seemed happy though I had a sneaking suspicion from the beginning that she wouldn't need wear it despite her fears of being cold on her big day. There's just too much excitement and dancing to be done to bother being cold and I was right. Because I was so right and because the bolero was taken to its home only minutes after it received its final press I have no pictures of the final project. Not yet anyway. Once I have them I will share them here with you. Can I say the project was a success? Considering the amount of time I had to create it I'd say 'yes'. Would I make changes being the finicky designer that I am? 'Of course'. Did the bride seem happy regardless? 'Yes'. Is that all that matters? 'Yes'. Am I okay with that? 'Trying to be.'

Until next time,

claire lynette

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