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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Room Redsign Before/After Progress

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I used to live in a cave. Like a little bat I shunned the light, but now I'm doing everything I can to let it in. Now please forgive that top picture. As you can see the place looked a little messy, but I was in the midst of moving things out when I thought to take pictures. Notice the paint rollers on the floor, I swear I'm not a troll. Even so, like a lot of people I have too much stuff and not enough places to put it. My goal is to remedy this problem and turn my bedroom into a peaceful non-cave like refuge from the craziness of the world. A place where all of my things are happy. It will take some time to bring all the elements into place but I'm looking forward to the process and eventually having my cloud.

I'm sure any shoe lover looking at the before photo would gasp in horror. I'm not proud., but it really was the best solution at the time. Now, my closet is being turned into what is effectively a shoe gallery that I also happen to store clothing in. You can see I've already begun testing it out. So I believe all should be forgiven. I ripped those awful accordion doors off since they made the space feel really small and just plain got in the way. It still needs paint and clothes rods but I'm more than giddy to start using it. I have to thank my friend Sean for helping me design and create this. He did all the cutting and assembly. I shall paint it hopefully tomorrow. We'll see.

The colors I chose for the walls are from Behr paint. The main color is "Snow Cloud" a slightly blue-gray white; and the accent wall is done in Lazy Sunday, a beautiful pale violet. The blanket on the bed is from Target and the curtains are from Wal-mart. 

There is much more to come: a new comforter, a canopy over the bed, bookshelves for my workspace (unseen in these photos), new lighting, side table and chair, a black out shade for the window, and curtains for the closet and maybe some more for the window.

All for now,
claire lynette

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