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Friday, February 10, 2012

Window Shopping - Rough at the Edges

Friday, February 10, 2012
1. Motorcycle Jacket with cable knit sleeves, $118 Topshop;
2. Stud and crystal cluster ring, Marc Jacobs; $118
3. Studded cross-body bag, "Jade" by Tylie Malibu; $297
4. Limited edition Stevie Williams Crowns black leather sunglasses, 9Five Eyewear; $90
5. Le Metier de Beaute "Rock n Romance" mini nail lacquer set, Le Metier; $25

the links will take you to the product page, but note the items may no longer be available or may have been moved elsewhere on the site

Even though most of my years I've been taught to behave like a lady and adore the frilly things in life I developed an appreciation for those things that have a bit of grit to them.  A few studs here, a little leather there and you've pretty much got me; but if you mix it with something soft like the cable knit on those sleeves or a slinky silk satin charmeuse you've got me hook, line, and sinker. I've long felt the need to add a few accessories to my repertoire to get a bit more of that "sweet but tough" flavor in my life but have been lazy/stingy about doing so. You see, I've been jonesing for that jacket for a while now. Just yesterday most sizes were available, but today the numbers are dwindling. I'll probably miss the boat on it but who knows I may get a little froggy later on and scoop it up.

You're also probably thinking, "Three-hundred dollars for a bag...are you kidding me?"  and I'd agree with you. As much as I love fashion I have a hard time thinking of most expensive items as investments like many would have me believe. However, regardless of the price, when I like something I tend to wear it until it's threadbare and begging to be thrown out or turned into a rag. So there is some rationale behind the idea of "investment" but I know for a fact that not everything that has luxury prices has luxury quality. It's a sad state of affairs really...good thing I'm finicky about construction whether I shop at Forever21 or Nieman Marcus.

All for now,

claire lynette

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