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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Big Pink

Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Dress, bella at; Bag, santee alley, Los Angeles; Sunglasses, JcPenny; Sandals, Gianni Bini; Ring, Target; Bracelet, gift from a friend, Earrings, Forever21
Today's Weather: High 84; Low 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunny and just beautiful

I was having so much fun just being outside today that I almost didn't have time to take pictures before the sun went down. I wanted to wear something casual and easy but that wasn't boring so I could focus on this beautiful weather and not my clothes and still look half decent. I dug out this bag that I bought ages ago when I was still living in L.A and wandering around Santee Alley one afternoon. There is no brand name on it like many things a person can buy when at the Alley, but it's such a fun bag and makes such a great addition to an otherwise plain outfit that it doesn't matter. When I got a stain on it a few years back I put it in storage and forgot about it. Recently I decided I should either try to get the stain out or toss it. As you can see I won the fight with the mysterious stain and all it took was a jaunt in the washer.

Come to think of it, I've been really lucky with odd stains lately. I didn't mention it before but yesterday I spilled Bourbon Chicken sauce all down the front of my dress; and when I picked up my bestie Brittney for lunch her dog promptly went wee all on the side of this dress. In both instances I was able to get the stains out in a matter of minutes thanks to some fresh water (w/ a cleaning agent for the pee) emerging with a garment that hadn't the slightest appearance of suffering a mishap.

I hope everyone's day today was as lovely as mine was. All for now,

claire lynette

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