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Thursday, April 5, 2012

From My Imagination 2

Thursday, April 5, 2012

As good as the weather was just over a week ago I knew it couldn't last long. My little area of the world has been visited by temperamental thunderstorms and very gusty breezes; in like a lion most definitely. I don't go out much as it is but especially so when it's raining. Yet, all that down time frees me up to think of the perfect spring wardrobe I 'd love to have once this feisty weather dissipates.

This is one look from a mini collection that's been popping around my head. The color reads more yellow than the original sketch, I'll have to be mindful of that if I hope to share the rest of it with you some time soon. Right now I have technical sketches of it all. However, I've been brushing off my very, very rusty and somewhat underdeveloped illustration skills to help me bring this little collection idea of mine to life. I love the idea of these pants so much that I bought a few fabric swatches from I haven't made much time for sewing lately, but...oh do I ever need colorful pants in my life.

All for now, 

claire lynette

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