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Friday, March 16, 2012

She takes pictures of herself

Friday, March 16, 2012

Blazer, Necessary Objects; Dress, Forever21; Sunglasses, Mossimo private label; Belt, a gift hand sewn by my mother; Clutch, Express; Shoes, Town &Country, vintage from the 80s from my mother's closet; Bracelet, unknown, a gift from a friend; Earrings, Forever21
Today's Weather: High 84, Low 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunny, hot.

What this outfit is missing is a stunning crystal pave crystal necklace like this one available at Nordstrom for $150.00 that I don't have. But a girl can dream and one day I will be fully decked out in crystals during the day time.

I have no shame posting a blooper photo (meaning you can see the remote I use to shoot) if it shows off the garment the best. Back to color yes? Yes. At least for today. I was feeling rather spunky this morning even though I didn't have quite three hours sleep. I pulled out this dress that has been sitting unworn in my closet since last summer. My best friend has the exact same dress; we bought them together during a particularly giddy moment as we dreamt up being twins for a day...we look nothing alike. I happen to think she wears it better than me but even so every time I see it I think of all of our silly little schemes and it makes me smile. 

Hope everyone is having a fun and spunky day.

All for now,
claire lynette

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