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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's not easy being green

Tuesday, April 10, 2012




 Vest, Doki-Geki; T-shirt, Pink Rose; Jeans, "Rockstar" Wet Seal; Bag, Loop iii Parcel (a gift from my bestie); Shoes, vintage from my mama's closet; Sunglasses, JcPenny; Earrings, Forever21; Necklaces, thrifted; Pearl Bracelet, gift from my mama; Bangle bracelet; Macy's. Nail Color, Orly "Haute Red".
Today's Weather: High, 86; Low 61 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunny, bright, perfect.

I was convinced when I was getting dressed this morning that I had exhausted everything my closet had to offer and I was better of just wearing a potato sack. Since potato sacks aren't comfortable and I had to look halfway decent today I racked my brain trying to figure out out to dress up a basic t-shirt and jeans so that I could still look a little cute without losing comfort. I hate wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. 
  ...downer alert...
I was complaining in my head that I didn't have any vests, that a vest would be perfect, and then I remembered this Doki-Geki one I had taken out of my usual rotation. It's been two years since I wore it. I know that it's been that long because I was wearing it the last day my father was alive and conscious.  It's so queer how clothing can hold memories like that. I didn't think of it until just now. Yet, it was such a beautiful and perfect day today I thought maybe I can make new memories for this little vest. My father told me it looked quite fetching on me when I last wore it, so there is a happy memory there even if it's a bit tiny.

All for now,

claire lynette


I hate these jeans by the way; they've been worn out to nearly threadbare. I'm on the hunt for new ones.

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