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Monday, March 25, 2013

Green Moto

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jacket, I Heart Ronson at JCPenney; Sweater and Skirt, Mossimo at Target; Leggings and Earrings, Forever21; Scarf, gift from Mama; Sunglasses, Steve Madden
Nail Color: "Secret Story" by Essie
Today's Weather: High 60º; Low 30º F. Cold and very breezy, bright and beautiful.

I bought this jacket a couple months ago because I was challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to wearing color, it was a good price, and it was so damn cool to look at. I had to have it. All this time later and I'm just wearing it; though for once my excuse wasn't because I was saving it for a special occasion. It's only that there were other jackets that were more neutral and versatile that got picked over it time and again so it just sat there in my closet feeling unloved.

I was afraid I had missed my chance to wear it this season since it was pretty warm last week,  but lo and behold Mother Nature was her usually predictably unpredictable self and the warm temperatures we've been having nosedived. I pulled the lovely green  beauty out of my closet and reassured it that indeed today was its time to shine. That I talk to my clothes or have a seeming kinship with them isn't up for discussion. Who hasn't at least talked to a gorgeous pair of heels? Plus, I had to thank at least thank my jacket for being so awesome and making me feel so cool while keeping me quite cozy in this ridiculous weather.

So what did I do today while wearing such awesomeness? I bought cat toys and antiseptic spray for Crispin. He seems intent on using up all nine lives as quickly as possible so he's been confined to the house, hence the need for cat toys to keep him occupied and the spray for the evidence of his most recent brush with death.

All for now,

claire lynette

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