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Friday, March 15, 2013

She Left the Driveway

Friday, March 15, 2013

Jacket, Daytrip at The Buckle ; T-shirt, Perfect Tee at Old Navy; Pants, Spoon Jeans at Alloy; Scarf, thrifted; Necklace, Dillard's; Bag; Express; Sunglasses, Steve Madden; Flats, Charlotte-Russe; Earrings, Forever21
Today's Weather: High 76º, Low 51º F. Sunny, very breezy.

My apologies for no detail shots. There were so many interruptions and I was losing light fast.

This isn't so much an outfit post as it is documentation of me leaving my comfort zone which encompasses about 10ft by 12ft of my driveway. I've lamented before about how hard it is to find interesting places near my home to shoot. And it is very hard. My city is dull and the interesting places are difficult to get to because I live in a semi-rural area and must drive (and drive) to get anywhere, plus frankly I don't want to be in the interesting places alone with $500 camera. There are other places that would work safety wise but I don't have an access card and/or photography isn't really permitted. It's hard.

Not to mention I'm naturally paranoid and there is always a constant conversation between Cool Calm Collected Claire (Claire³) and Unreasonable Panicky Claire (UPClaire): 

UPClaire: What if my car gets burglarized and my camera and equipment are taken?
Claire³: Call law enforcement. You know all the numbers  anyway. File an insurance claim.

UPClaire: What if I'm robbed? 
Claire³: Again, call law enforcement and get a clothing description and direction of travel.

UPClaire: What if there are children nearby and I get accused of doing bad things?
Claire³: Whatever. Avoid places with children then there will be no worries.

UPClaire: What if I get photo-bombed?
Claire³: Curse then crop. 

UPClaire: What if some passerby runs into my equipment and breaks it?
Claire³: Accidents happen. Make sure they're okay and leave it be.

UPClaire: What if someone thinks I'm a spy?
Claire³: Lol, yeah, okay.

UPClaire: What if, what if, what if...
Claire³: Just quit. It's only a damn picture.

Today, as with most days, reason won out. Also I am not an idiot and that helps times a million so I quit being such a pansy and gave it a shot.

Well, I found out that leaving the driveway is mostly annoying. If you don't have someone kind enough, or stupid enough, or both to follow you around to take your picture it's hard to get a good shot. Details are hard. Lighting is hard. My driveway is easy, effective, and most of all loose child and canine free. 

However there are things that would have made it easier for me leaving the driveway today:

  1. Not shooting at what turned out to be a popular park on a Friday afternoon because people will be every-damn-where; especially kids and dogs who will run into your shot.
  2. Not shooting two hours before sunset especially when there are lots of trees nearby ready to throw a shadow on everything.
  3. Planning a bit more for my first time away from my beloved concrete haven. (But I was feeling all spontaneous!)

This experience hasn't deterred me from trying again. It just may not be for a while.

Until next time,

claire lynette

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