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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Highlighter Legs

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweater, Mossimo at Target; Dress worn as skirt, Eunishop; Leggins and Earrings, Forever21; Boots, "Trumpet" by Wanted; Neckace, thrifted
Nail Color: "Secret Story" by Essie
Today's Weather: High 64º, Low 37º F. Bright. Such a pretty day.

I know I'm not the only one who falls asleep thinking about what I might wear the next day. Though I may be one of the few who will admit it which is fine by me. This odd habit of mine helps my mind calm down perhaps because I have to focus on the mental inventory I'm running of my closet. It's the kind of concentration that I think most folks usually reserve for things like traditional meditation and "serious thought". I like to mull everything over until an idea has made a few hundred laps around my mind and eventually collapses in a corner hunched over and gasping for air. This practice can be exhausting but last night the thought that I must make my legs look like streaks of highlighter was so perfect that there was no need to think it over.

This look is also out of my comfort zone because of the silhouette and not so much the color. I've been jumping out of my comfort zone so much lately that I wonder if maybe it has expanded a bit. I typically favor form fitting garments since they make me feel feminine. So to keep  that feminine feeling I chose a flared skirt for balance. I wanted highlighter legs but I wanted to ground that color with something that would keep it from being too much. I think pink this bright has a tendency to be too much. It's not its fault it was born that way. So I picked ivory and since that can still make it too airy I threw on black boots. Black gives anything edge.

Like that little walk through my styling process? I know. It's a doozy.

All for now,

claire lynette 

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