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Friday, September 6, 2013

MS. RITA: Chase Your Dreams

Friday, September 6, 2013
 inside the Thorn & Laurel studio, what once was a carport, then a game room, now a creative space

I mentioned on Monday that I started my own online store and that's why I haven't been posting for the last few months. I didn't mean to go on such a long unannounced hiatus, but in a way it was good because I was able to focus on getting the store launched and I had time to brainstorm on the direction in which I'd like to take this blog (more on the blog in a later post). It was a very good break because I learned a lot about myself and what I'm capable of.

The store came about because I've always wanted to be my own boss because I like the buck stopping with me. Still, I'm scared out of my mind. The only thing that keeps me from being paralyzed with fear is the intoxicating idea of it actually working. The store has been open only a month and a half. I've had two sales exactly and both came from dear friends. I'm  grateful for friends and family since it's they who are usually the ones who help me out and prop me up and keep on encouraging me when I feel run down and crazy.

       my little card table desk in disarray
Even if the store fails after I've given it my all I'll be all right. I'd rather have tried and failed than live with the regret or wonder of what could have been. I didn't choose an easy path. Do you know how many online clothing retailers there are for women? Thousands if not hundreds of thousands. And of those very many, all of the ones that can offer more than I can? Most of them. I'm not discouraged because I believe with all my heart that there's room for everyone at the table. My goal is to be open and transparent with my customers and the people I work with. What you see is what you get, there's no filter or filler. It's just me and just this. This is what I've got and I'm hoping that being honest and earnest, having good products, and working my tailbone off is enough. Plus I wouldn't admonish a little luck coming my way.

I'm chasing my dreams and that has made me happier than I've been in quite some time. Being fearful comes with the territory and as I asked other self-made business owners what it was like when they first started they tell me the fear never really goes away it just becomes different I began to feel better about doing all this. They promised that I will learn and grow and be challenged everyday and you know what? I can't think of a better way to live than constantly improving and making things better for myself and the world around me.

With that I complete the inaugural MS. RITA (Mover Shaker, RIsk TAker) post. It's what I'll tag future posts such as these along with "Thorn & Laurel Stuff". Oh and you can visit the store here: Thorn & Laurel

Until next time,

claire lynette

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