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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wishing for: Michael Kors Small Madison Watch

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Michael Kors "Small Madison" (MK5403) Watch in Rose Gold, $225

I've wished for this watch for over a year. I'm not big in to watches (really most people haven't been for a while) because I have a bad habit of breaking them, but I'm in love with this one! I like it because it has 24 hour markings. Twenty-four hour time is my primary method for telling time though frequently I have to translate it for friends who aren't very familiar with it. I also like the rose gold since I think it's a beautiful "neutral color" and looks great against my skin. Although this watch isn't considered a luxury watch in the industry, right now my wallet would certainly disagree. So I just admire it from afar and hope that it will be available when I can afford it. If I find another rose gold watch with 24 hour markings and a white face for less then I'll happily take it but so far I haven't found a single one.

Wishing you a beautiful Patriot Day, until next time,

claire lynette

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