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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thrift Store Windfall | Goodwill Finds

Friday, December 6, 2013
Two weekends ago my family held a long awaited garage sale (it has been on the schedule of things to do for about a year and a half now). We've never done one before so it was definitely an experience for us all. I was surprised we sold anything because I forgot to check the weather forecast before placing the ad in the paper. Garage Sale day morning was cold, misty, and blustery and after a day outside in it I was sent to the bed for the next two days with upset sinuses resulting from an allergy attack. Still, it was worth it to clear the house of things we didn't need or want anymore. With some of my share of the earrings I decided that I should go to an old favorite, the Goodwill, and look for a few things to fill out my closet. That way I could save my pennies and still find quality clothing while satiating my shopping jones. The friend of mine whom I'm sewing a bridal bolero for is  hosting a tea party as a "thank you" to those who've helped her out with the wedding, so I also hoped to find a cute, unusual little something to wear. I didn't quite find anything that said "tea party" to me but I walked away with these sweet little treasures.

Black and white polka dot blazer
1. Black and white polka dot blazer | Label: Focus 2000 | Price: $4.99
I'll need to take it in at the waist for a perfect fit but I'm so glad the sleeve are long enough! We tall girls don't always have it so easy. I may add contrasting binding around the lapels so the line of the jacket isn't so lost in the print and swap out the black buttons for white ones.

long pink blazer
2. Pink three-button long blazer | Label: Morgan Miller | Price: $4.99
Another destined for the tailor's shop, just a little big. It was one half of a suit, but the skirt wasn't available and I probably would't have kept it anyway. It looks really good style with a white button down and blue jeans. I can't wait for it to be wear ready!

window pane print shirt
3. True blue window pane print long sleeved button down shirt | Label: Gianna | Price: $3.49
by far my favorite find of the trip and I almost missed seeing it in the store! All this late 80s/early 90s glory can't go to waste but I'll probably nix those shoulder pads. Isn't it amusing how trends always come back around? I wanted a window pane print blouse after seeing them start to pop up last year. So glad I snagged one and I like that it's in a blue print instead of the ubiquitous black and white that's so popular these days.

gold pearl necklace thrifted
4. Gold and peal chain necklace costume jewelry | Label: Unknown | Price: $3.99
My mother said it resembles a necklace my grandmother used to wear so I'm tickled by our shared taste. I'll need to clean off the tarnish but once that's done it will be quite the looker. Apologies for the not so clean clipping, doing chain is tedious and you get the drift I think.

Calvin Klein green polka dot print dress
5.) Green polka dot a-line sundress | Label: Calvin Klein | Price: $4.99
I remember seeing this bad boy at Dillard's a few seasons ago (maybe Spring 2009?) for $128. I really wanted it then but I couldn't bring myself to do it. It can still be found on ebay for around $30- $50. I'm still amazed that I found it in my size, though I suppose I might wear a 2 in Calvin Klein as this 4 is a bit roomy in the waist and bit finicky to get into thanks to those immobile straps.

express silk color block skirt
6.) Silk black and grey colorblock pleated A-line skirt | Label: Express | Price: $3.49
I remember seeing this maybe Fall/Winter 2012 or Spring this year and thinking "what a lovely little skirt and silk too, but not for $70". I almost didn't try it on since I saw it was a size 4 (I measure an industry standard 8 on bottom but in the age of vanity sizing I've bought clothes labeled 2, 4, and 6 so I can never be sure) but I followed the rule of thrifting: If you like it try it, and  it was a perfect fit.


The next morning after my shopping trip I played for an hour or so styling my new finds. I'm flummoxed with how I'll work in the polka dot blazer since I didn't like a lot of what I came up with. I feel like I need more colors on bottom and prints to play with. In time :) I'm down to one pair jeans, a few grey slacks, and some ill fitting twill pants (they grow in the waist throughout the day and lazy design flaw) that I was determined to make work. I couldn't and was faced with the age old truth that if it doesn't fit properly it never works. I barely wear them so they'll be making a trip to the Goodwill once I find replacements.

This year I've had to maintain a tight budget in order to get the ball rolling on Thorn & Laurel while I wasn't working. I'm so grateful to have had the this time to focus on my store and the next direction I'd like to go in life. Though I may have a had several headaches that accompanied a fair amount of frustration along the way I know I am truly fortunate. Because I've been such a penny-pincher (a lot more so than usual) I haven't bought anything for myself these past 12 months outside of the basic necessities.No new clothes, cosmetics (okay, the occasional $1.00 lipstick), shoes, electronics, music etc. I scaled back considerably on dining out and what I'd order when I would go and I limited my entertainment to the occasional movie.  I haven't missed much buying what I like when I want it simply because I don't tempt myself by going shopping: not brick and mortar shops, not catalogs, and not online. I even put my favorite fashion magazines down for a while because these days they are essentially nothing but nicely edited books of advertisements. I keep my eye on the prize knowing that making these few sacrifices from what I've been accustomed to will pay off in the end. Knowing that I can live well on a lot less is a very, very comforting thought.

Until next time,

claire lynette

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