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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shell Toe Casual

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dress, H&M; Sweater, Newport-News now Spiegel (old); Sneakers, Adidas "Superstar 2.0"; Leggings and Earrings, Forever21
Today's Weather: High 66º, Low 36ºF Sunny and breezy.

can you spot my kitty Crispin hiding out?

Some days when I get dressed my thought is, "What I can wear that is most like pajamas that aren't pajamas that I can get away with in public?". Inevitably the answer nearly always involves leggings and an all knits ensemble. Today was no exception. Usually I go for flats but it is a bit chilly today so I wanted something warmer. Since I hadn't worn my favorite sneakers in forever I decided they were a better option than boots again. While I say that I'll also admit that I rarely wear them simply because I want to keep them looking fresh forever and unlike sneaker collectors I can't afford to buy a new pair when the old ones get too dingy to bother to keep clean. Luckily, a little buffing and my toothpaste trick does a lot to combat any craziness (especially my own).

I also bothered to wear my hair down which like wearing my Adidas is also a rarity. The wind had its way with it but here's to shaking things up a bit!

See you soon,

claire lynette

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